High Altitude Baking Suggestions

These suggestions are for elevations above 5500 ft up to 8500 ft. Tested using
eggs and egg replacers.
Please note: using egg replacers will change the texture in the final product.

Perfect Flour Blend - using Granny's Gluten Free Bread Recipe
Oven Baked OR Bread Machine
When using eggs, follow directions in the recipe. It results in a perfectly dense loaf
with delicious taste, full and robust volume. No other adjustments necessary.
When using egg replacer follow manufacturer's directions of egg replacer and
then follow recipe directions as noted on the package. Although this has a
different texture and slightly different flavor than using eggs, the bread will rise
normally and with equally full and robust flavor.

Spice and Chocolate Cake Mixes

Use 2 tablespoons less water, same amount of oil as package indicates and increase oven temperature 25 degrees.

Chocolate Cake bake time: 30 minutes, then check with toothpick test.

When using egg replacers: use same adjustments as mentioned above.

Spice Cake bake time: check at 30-35 minutes with toothpick test.
Be sure to blend the mix well (approx. 5 minutes) to allow volume and expansion
during baking.

Brownie Mix

No adjustments necessary when using eggs and bake as directed.
When using egg replacers: follow egg replacer directions PLUS 3 tablespoons additional water. Bake as directed on packaging.

Muffin & Scone and No Sugar Added Muffin Mixes

Decrease water by 2 tablespoons and bake 12 minutes. For additional rise, add an extra egg or 1 teaspoon baking powder. Bake as directed on packaging.
When using egg replacer: follow adjustments above and bake 12 minutes.

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