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Best Banana Bread!

Amazing dessert for anytime of the year!

Click link below to view recipe:

Click here for link to Banana Bread recipe!

Made with our Organic or Conventional Perfect Flour Blend, click here to view!

Cheeseburger Wellington!

Contributed by our good friend Erin Porter. Check out her wellness blog for this yummy recipe and many others at: eatpraygetwell.com

Click link below to view recipe:

Cheeseburger Wellington Recipe HERE!

Made with our Organic and Traditional Perfect Flour Blend!


One of our family favorites are these delicious Gluten Free Crepes made with our Waffle & Pancake Mix!

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Crepe recipe HERE!

Made with our Waffle & Pancake Mix, 21oz or 48oz!

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Great gluten free base (Spice Cake) for a variety of cakes. I use it for carrot cake, apple upside-down cake, and nut and Craisin fruit cake. Outstanding product. In fact using the last two for Niece's birthday party, she wants carrot cake.

Shawn S., Amazon.com review

This product (Muffin & Scone Mix) is just awesome! You can add your own ingredients if needed. It has every ingredient figured out, so much easier then buying all the different things you need and still don't get it right. They have done it for you, wonderful!

Virginia B., Amazon.com review

I use it for waffles instead of pancakes and they are delicious. A non-gluten-free friend that tried them described them as "Martha Stewart-Like" They looked perfect, cooked perfectly and tasted amazing. Must have for our pantry.

Eowyn, Amazon.com review